Hylos : The Grand Warden

Hylos : Grand Warden

Heroes Profile : Hylos (Grand Warden)

Hylos is a tank-based support hero who can help the team to disrupt enemy movements. Hylos has a skill that can give a slow movement effect to the opponent’s hero. In his tales, Hylos has the nickname of Grand Warden, as he acts as the protector of the fairy forest and also the fountain of immortality. From his appearance alone, we can already guess that Hylos is a strong hero and has a heroic story.


Hylos : Grand Warden Release date : 2017

Role : Tank

Specialty : Guard/Initiator

Alias : Grand Warden

Origin : Misty Mountains, Agelta Drylands

Gender : Male

Species : Centaur

Weapons : Unnamed Spear



In the northern part of the Land of Dawn, there are towering misty mountains. It is the home of a mysterious race called Centaurs.

During their lives, they always maintain and protect the waterfall which is located on the highest peak of the mountain. They believe that the waterfall is a gift of life for everyone who wants to drink it.

Because of its extraordinary benefits, it is only natural that the waterfall cannot be separated from the target of the invaders who want to master it. One of them came from The Dark Force. However, thanks to the persistence and strength of the Centaur Race, The Dark Forces never once managed to take control of the waterfall.

Every day, they always guard the waterfall diligently. Until in the end, their perseverance began to fade. Because they feel bored and tired, the guard against the waterfall becomes loose. Knowing the Centaurs were starting to be careless, The Dark Force immediately took the opportunity to fight against the Centaurs.

Hylos : Grand Warden With the troops

that had been gathered, war was inevitable. As a result of the war, many casualties fell. The Dark Forces that had prepared everything managed to dominate the war. Until finally the Centaur race decided to retreat and it became a golden opportunity for The Dark Force to have the water of life.

Upon arrival, it turns out that the Dark Forces are confronted by a strong and mighty Centaur, named Hylos. Hylos, knowing the other Centaurs were defeated, immediately faced the Dark Force who were left alone. The power of nature that he possessed managed to make the Dark Force experience defeat.

The events of The Dark Force attack awaken the Centaurs for their negligent carelessness in carrying out their duties. They swore an oath that they would keep the water flowing. Meanwhile, the presence of Hylos makes The Dark Force and other invaders dare not set foot into the mountains.

Hylos : Grand Warden


Passive – Thickened Blood (Buff) 

Hylos gains 1.5 extra Max HP for every 1 extra Max Mana he possesses.
When out of Mana, Hylos can use his HP for skill casts.


Skill 1 – Law and Order (CC, Damage)

Hylos gains 50% Movement Speed and causes his next Basic Attack within 3 seconds to deal 300–550 (+80% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to the target, knock kack and stun them for 1 second. The extra Movement Speed rapidly decays over the duration and ends after the next Basic Attack.


Skill 2 – Ring of Punishment (AoE)

Hylos releases the Ring of Punishment, dealing 100–300 (+20% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to nearby enemies per second while slowing them by 4%–6% and reducing their Attack Speed by 7.5%–15% for 2.5 seconds (up to 8 stacks). Each stack also increases the enemy’s damage taken from the Ring of Punishment by 5–20%.

The Ring of Punishment consumes 30–150 Mana per second when it’s active.
Use Again; Hylos cancels the Ring of Punishment.

Ultimate – Glorious Pathway (Speed Up, Heal)

Hylos creates a huge pathway in the target direction, reducing enemies’ Movement by 75% for 1 second. The pathway lasts 6 seconds.
When on the pathway, Hylos gains Slow Immunity and recovers 3% of his Max HP} per second. Allied heroes moving along the pathway gain 60% extra Movement Speed, while enemy heroes on the pathway Will slowed by 25%.


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