Akai : Panda Warrior

Akai : Panda Warrior

Heroes Profile : Akai (Panda Warior)

Akai is one of the most effective Tank heroes when used against heroes such as Assassin, Marksman, and others. The hero in the form of a panda is always accompanied by his frog, he also carries bamboo to fight his enemies. Akai is indeed a hero who is very troublesome for his enemies, because this hero has powerful skills when dealing with his enemies.


Akai : Panda WarriorRelease date : 2016

 Role : Tank

 Specialty : Guard/Crowd Control

 Born : Stream Valley, Cadia Riverlands

 Gender : Male

 Species : Anthropomorphic panda

 Fighting style : Tai Chi

Weapons : Bamboo fishing rod



A village in the East End is a habitat for pandas to live and breed. The reason that makes the pandas live in these places is because there are many sources of food and very far from the name of danger.Until finally, the pandas can live safely, peacefully, and peacefully. Among the many pandas who live, there is one panda that has a careless nature and likes to eat. So that his body size is very fat. Even so, the panda named Akai has one goal in life, which is to become a great warrior.

However, his friends do not believe that Akai will be able to achieve his dream. Many of them began to belittle and mock Akai’s every word. Moreover, Akai’s parents even feel that their child will not be able to become the figure he wants. Because they know the potential that their child has.

However, this never bothered Akai to train every day, hoping to one day achieve his dream of becoming an honorable warrior. He began his ambition by practicing physical and martial arts. Every day exercise becomes Akai’s routine. On the other hand, his friends always make fun of him. However, Akai was not angry and discouraged, instead he made the mockery as a motivation to keep going.

Until one day, a mysterious Old Monk saw Akai’s always persistent and unyielding attitude. The monk decides to become Akai’s trainer. Without thinking, Akai accepted the monk’s offer to train him to be a great warrior.
Day by day, Akai began to show his progress in martial arts. However, he was never complacent, because he considered that his journey was still very long in training his abilities.

Akai : Panda Warrior

One day,

he saw a tool called Flail (WHIP) and he thought that the tool is very cool and suitable if he used it. He also began to train his ability to play the whip. In addition, Akai also practices spinning and jumping techniques that can kill enemy movements.Teacher Akai begins to be amazed by the progress shown by her students. To test whether he was worthy of becoming a true warrior, Akai decided to take part in various martial arts competitions. All the enemies he faced always bowed before him.

With this proof, Akai finally managed to silence the ridicule of his former friends who always underestimated his dreams. At this time, Akai’s friends were silent and did not speak and regretted their actions. However, Akai doesn’t think too much about her friends ‘ regrets, but instead continues to train to be able to develop further.

he is now ready to enter the world stage and prove that he is a worthy member of the martial arts world! Akai sets off for the Land of Dawn and hopes to meet great fighters. From this journey, he hopes to become a respected and respected warrior.

Akai : Panda Warrior


Passive – Tai Chi (Buff)

Akai gains a 25 (+5% Total HP) shield for 4 seconds on each skill cast and can marks enemy heroes and Creeps hit by his skills.
Akai’s Basic Attacks deal 25 (+5% Total HP) extra Physical Damage to marked enemies.

Skill 1 – Headbutt (Mobility, CC)

Akai charges in the target direction, dealing 300–400 (+50% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies along the away. If Akai hits an enemy hero during this process, he’ll knocked them airborne for 0.5 seconds and be able to roll in the Joystick’s direction once.
Akai can cast Headbutt during Heavy Spin to quickly adjust his position.

Skill 2 – Body Slam (AoE)

Akai smashes the ground with his body, dealing 270–420 (+6% Total HP) Physical Damage to nearby enemies and slowing them by 45% for 2 seconds.


Ultimate – Heavy Spin (CC, AoE)

Akai removes all debuffs on him and spins for 4 seconds, gaining Slow Immunity while continuously dealing 200–450 (+100% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to nearby enemies and knocking them back. Enemies heroes knocked back will knock back other heroes they collide with during the process.

Akai also gradually increases his Movement Speed to 70% over the duration. This skill can only be interrupted by Suppression and Morph effects.

This hero is one of powerfull Tank heroes at MLBB, go try playing this heroes to get new experience. We will updating information , so stay tuned to this site.