Ruby : The Little Red Hood

Ruby Little Red Hood

Heroes Profile : Ruby (Little Red Hood)

Ruby is one of the best characters in mobile legends. This Hero has sustainability, mobility, and good initiation. Ruby has the ability to counter almost all opposing heroes and she is also very good in teamfights.


Ruby Little Red Hood

Release date : 2017

Role : Fighter

Specialty : Crowd Control/Regen

Born : Black Forest, Moniyan Empire

Gender : Female

Species :  Human

Occupation : Wolf Hunter

Weapons : Scythe


The story begins when a girl in a red hood along with her grandmother is being surrounded by a pack of wild wolves in a cave. Suddenly, there appeared a hunter who had great abilities and strength. The Hunter intends to save the girl and her grandmother.

It didn’t take long for the Hunter to defeat the entire pack of Bad Wolves. After successfully bringing the girl and her grandmother out of the cave, it turned out that one of the Wolves was still breathing. He had a severe wound on his stomach. The wolf that survived was the king of the Wolves. Because of the slaughter, the Wolf King decided to take revenge on the Hunter. He then gathered all the remaining troops to plan an attack once again.

Meanwhile, the Hunter is still worried that if the village where the girl named Ruby lives is attacked again, he decides to stay there while teaching the locals how to survive against Wolves.

Day after day, suddenly a peaceful day turned into a dark day. The Wolves came back and killed all the people there. The ability previously taught by the Hunter was not enough to defeat the Wolf. A great fight ensued between the Hunter and a group of wolves. When the Hunter was about to save Ruby and her grandmother, The Wolf seized the opportunity. Caught off guard, the Hunter was eventually killed by wolves by tearing his body to pieces. The incident was seen directly with Ruby’s eyes.

Ruby Little Red Hood

Ruby’s story doesn’t stop there. Over the event made Ruby experience fear and trauma that is difficult to get rid of. No matter how much he tried to get rid of the trauma, it all ended in vain. Until finally made him lose his mind and turned into a little girl in a Red Hood who was thirsty for blood.

With the shadow of the Hunter’s death still imprinted in his memory, he wanted to take revenge on the Wolf by looking for him directly into the forest. Armed with a sharp sickle weapon, he searched for the whereabouts of the Wolf King.

When the meeting happened, Ruby immediately rebelled, she could not hold back her anger anymore. Without pity, he managed to defeat the Wolf King. After that, Ruby immediately Skinned The Wolf King’s skin.

Having no family members anymore, Ruby becomes a different figure. Ruby decides to travel to the Land of Dawn. There Ruby often faces tough opponents, but with his flagship scythe weapon, Ruby manages to defeat his enemies.

Ruby Little Red Hood


Passive – Let’s Dance! (Buff)   

Ruby starts with 10% Spell Vamp and inherits 125% Spell Vamp Ratio (Basic Attacks cannot trigger Lifesteal).
After each skill cast, Ruby can dash to another location, gaining 9 (+1.8 × Hero Level) Physical & Magic Defense (scales with level) for 4 seconds. (stacks up to 3 times).

Skill 1 – Be Good! (AoE, Slow)

Ruby swings her scythe, dealing 90 (+70%–130% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies hit. She then unleashes a shockwave In the same direction, dealing 90 (+70%–130% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies hit and slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds.

Skill 2 – Don’t Run, Wolf King! (CC, AoE)

Ruby swings her scythe herself twice, each swing dealing 60–185 (+55% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to nearby enemies, stunning them for 0.5 seconds, and slowly pulling them toward her.


Ultimate – I’m Offended! (CC, AOE)

Ruby sweeps scythe in the target direction, dealing 200–480 (+200% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies hit, pulling them toward her, and stunning them for 0.5 seconds.


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