Khufra : The Desert Tyrant

Heroes Profile : Khufra (Desert Tyrant)

Khufra is one of the Heroes Of The Mobile Legends game who enters the role of a tank. Khufra’s ability to transform into a ball makes him a powerful counter for agile heroes, such as Fanny, Ling, Hayabusa, and others.


Khufra : The Desert TyrantRelease date : 12 March 2019

Role : Tank

Specialty : Initiator/Crowd Control

Alias : Desert Tyrant

Origin : Ruins of Tivacan, Agelta Drylands

Species : Undead (previously human)

Title : Tyrant

Abilities : Body having bandage-like property, Superhuman elasticity, Turns into a ball


In the far reaches of the Western Desert, an ancient city is hidden in the middle of the desert. Khufra was a greedy ruler, colder than ice, and greedy, to satisfy his desire for power, he led Arnak’s army to attack the city in order to conquer the Western Desert. Tirelessly, Khufra continued to expand his territory and wealth. But unexpectedly, the Minoan tribe was a difficult opponent to conquer.

However, Khufra wanted more power. He is looking for the Best Astrologer in the Land of Dawn to help him. But the astrologers learned of Khufra’s evil intentions and rejected him, and they were quickly killed. Only the young Esmeralda attracted Khufra, and later became his lover.
Khufra’s heartless nature makes Esmeralda experience various personal and love problems. Gradually, Esmeralda could not restrain her love for Khufra and began to help Him.

Over time, Esmeralda uses her magical abilities to give Khufra magic powers never seen before. However, Khufra became increasingly violent and power-hungry. He didn’t want his power to stop in the Western Desert, but he wanted to rule over the entire Land of Dawn. Seeing the cruelty of her lover, Esmeralda decided to save Khufra from the hatred of her people.

Even then, Khufra continued to use magic to increase his power. He asks Esmeralda to cast the entire spell on him. He had to exterminate the entire Minoan tribe. No one should doubt his strength.

One night,

Esmeralda came to Khufra and hugged him tightly. He began to put a curse on Khufra, while him expected a mighty force. Suddenly, he felt that he was being suppressed by an incredible force. He looked up and saw Esmeralda.

Khufra : The Desert Tyrant

No matter how Khufra tried to extricate himself, he did not stop pronouncing his curse. Khufra could not believe that his beloved was punishing him. Esmeralda cried as she plunged her lover into eternal sleep. He chose to bury himself in the ancient city and built a magnificent monument. Esmeralda believed that it was better to put an end to Khufra before he was hated by the whole people, recorded and history as a cruel king and love of power. Since then, the smoke of war in the Western Desert has disappeared.

But, hundreds of years later, a terrible event occurred in the Western Desert. A surge of energy from The Twilight Orb Awakens Khufra from his sleep. Returning to the world, He cannot accept the betrayal of his past lover. His abilities and desires became stronger and stronger. He vows to find Esmeralda and continue his desire to rule the Land of Dawn.

Khufra : The Desert Tyrant


Passive – Spell Curse (Heal, Damage)

Khufra activates the Spell Curse left by Esmeralda every 12 seconds, enhancing his next Basic Attack. The enhanced Basic Attack gains extra attack range and deals [(+120% Total Physical Attack) (+target’s 6% Max HP) Magic Damage]. Also slows the target by 30% for 1.5 seconds and heals Khufra by 8% of his Max HP on hit.

Skill 1 – Tyrant’s Revenge (Mobility, CC)

Khufra pulls the bandage on his arms to launch himself in the specified direction, dealing Physical Damage equal to 50–100 plus 7 (+1.5% Extra Physical Attack)% of his Max HP to all enemy units on the path. When blinking to the furthest distance or encountering a first enemy hero,

Khufra will immediately stop, dealing Physical Damage equal to 50–100 plus 7 (+1.5% Extra Physical Attack)% of his Max HP to enemies nearby and then knocking them in the air for up to 1.1 seconds.

Skill 2 – Bouncing Ball (Slow, Buff)

Khufra uses bandage to wrap himself into a magic bouncing ball, increasing his own Physical & Magic Defense by 30%–100%. Enemies trying to use blink skills to move across Khufra will be knocked airborne. Each time the magic bouncing ball hits the ground, it will deal Magic Damage equal to 50–100 plus 3 (+2% Extra Physical Attack)% of his Max HP to enemies nearby and slow them by 80%. Lasts 0.2 seconds.

Ultimate – Tyrant’s Rage (CC, AoE)

Khufra pulls back all enemy targets around him toward his front, dealing 300–600 (+100% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and slowing them down for 1.25–1.75 seconds. If the enemies are knocked against walls, extra Physical Damage equal to 150% of this skill’s damage will be inflicted upon them, and they will be stunned, instead of slowed.


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