Hayabusa : The Crimson Shadow

Hayabusa : The Crimson Shadow

Heroes Profile : Hayabusa (Crimson Shadow)

Hayabusa is one of the strongest ninja assassins in mobile legends. He has a complete skill ranging from disappearing to his ultimate, high damage, blinking for attacking or escape. Hayabusa is a talented ninja who has always lived in the shadow of his older brother. For that, he always trained hard to be able to match his brother. He has a childhood friend named Hanabi and meets Kagura, and wants to complete his brother’s mission to kill Hanzo who has betrayed his village.


Hayabusa : The Crimson  Shadow Release date : 4 November 2016

Role : Assassin

Specialty : Chase/Burst

Origin : Scarlet Shadow, Cadia Riverlands

Gender : Male

Species : Human

Occupation : Shadow Sect Ninja

Fighting style : Ninjutsu



In the northern part of the Cadia Riverlands there is a dense forest within a canyon. The scenery around is very beautiful, but surrounded by dense and dangerous air. Countless waterfalls flowed like long silks of white, water drenching the entire place as it splashed high in the air.

When the wind blows hard, mist and cherry blossoms float in the air. This Is The Abode of the Scarlet Shadow ninja. Several years ago, the first disciple of the Cadia Riverlands guard known as the Great Dragon, arrived at Scarlet Shadow. He is a master ninja, and through such training he has a strong resistance that is able to make him go beyond the limits of the physical body.

As a result, he developed a special skill that combines physical and spiritual energy-ninjutsu. Those who became his followers also ventured into the Canyon falls within the mountain, and they founded a village, naming themselves as ‘ninjas‘. After the ninja master passed away, the Ninjas In Scarlet Shadow divided into 2 factions on the basis of differences in understanding of ninjutsu.

One faction

was called The Scarlet Sect, and the other was called The Shadow Sect. Scarlet Sect advocates the use of all kinds of ninja equipment, while Shadow Sect focuses on studying ninjutsu. Hayabusa is a ninja who was born in the Shadow Sect, the second son of the leader of the Shadow Sect. He was sent to the Scarlet Sect to become their disciple, on the agenda of an exchange of knowledge between the two clans.

They plan on Hayabusa and Hanabi growing up together, and if it goes well, they will be matched up by adulthood. They both became liaisons, as well as hostages held by each clan. When Hayabusa was sent to the Scarlet Sect, he had no idea that his family had planned his future life.

Hayabusa : The Crimson  Shadow

The day

of the maturing ceremony happened to coincide with the night of the full moon. Hayabusa learns Hanzo’s underworld has appeared outside the Cadia Riverlands, and knows that it’s time for him to say goodbye to the Scarlet Shadow. As was customary, this was a night where he and Hanabi would train with each other on the rooftops.

Yet it was his maturing ceremony. Is he coming? given that Hanabi is her childhood friend, Hayabusa feels she must say goodbye to her. By packing his luggage. Hayabusa leaves with her emotions in turmoil.

He had not yet walked a few steps when the heavy rain and fog suddenly stopped, blocked by the Seimei Umbrella. Kagura approached him and said “Hayabusa, I want to go with you too! Hayabusa waved at him “Listen! This is not a game, I’m not going to have fun!“

Just then, illuminated by a blinding flash of lightning, Hayabusa sees Hanabi stumble. His face was pale and showed a shocked expression. Without thinking twice, Hayabusa gave Hanabi an umbrella that was soaked, but Hanabi walked past in a hurry after she did not see Hayabusa at all.

He could do nothing but accept the goodbye Hayabusa had prepared. It was on that night that Hayabusa said goodbye to her childhood

“Goodbye, Hanabi. Goodbye, Scarlet Shadow. I will start my journey, as well as force through a very grueling training, because I have to become stronger than all the lineages above me. Hanzo! I will find you, and defeat you!“.

“I have to be Akakage!“

Hayabusa : The Crimson  Shadow


Passive – Ninjutsu: Trace of Shadow (Buff)

Hayabusa’s attacks apply a stack of Shadow Mark on hit (up to 4 stacks). Each stack lasts 6 seconds and increases Hayabusa’s damage to the enemy by 5%.

Skill 1 – Ninjutsu: Phantom Shuriken (Damage Buff)

Hayabusa throws three returning shurikens in the target direction, each dealing 150–250 (+70% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies hit and slowing them by 35% for 2 seconds. Enemies hit by multiple shurikens take only 30% of the damage after the first hit. Hayabusa restores 10 energy for each non-Minion enemy hit.
Passive: Hayabusa permanently gains 3%–18% Spell Vamp.

Skill 2 – Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow (Mobility Summon)

Hayabusa dashes in the target direction and releases four phantoms that travel in separate directions. The phantoms will remain at the end of their paths or attach themselves to the first enemy hero hit, dealing 130–180 (+30% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage and slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds. Hayabusa will immediately stop if he hits an enemy hero during the dash.
Use Again: Hayabusa teleports to a phantom’s location and reduces the cooldown of Ninjutsu: Phantom Shuriken Ninjutsu: Phantom Shuriken by 1 second. If the phantom is attached to an enemy hero, he also deals 130–180 (+30% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to the enemy.

Ultimate – Ougi: Shadow Kill (Burst)

Hayabusa blends into the shadows and launches 6 single-target attacks on enemies in the area, each dealing 140 (+75% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage.
The attacks prioritize enemies with Shadow Mark and each will consume a mark to deal 45–85 (+20% Extra Physical Attack) extra Physical Damage. Does not apply Shadow Mark.

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