Ling : The Cyan Finch

Heroes Profile : Ling (Cyan Finch)

Ling (Cyan Finch) is the one of strongest and powerfull assassin at Mobile Legends. Ling earned the nickname Cyan Finch or Blue Finch because to the ability he has. He flies wherever he goes.


Ling : The Cyan Finch  Release date : 24 November 2019

Role : Assassin

Specialty : Chase/Burst

Origin : Sky Arch, Cadia Riverlands

Gender : Male

Species : Human

Affiliation : Cyan Finch

Weapons : Defiant Sword



Above the cloud-covered mountain, the entrance to The Hidden Dragon country, known as the “Arch of the sky”, is visible. Beside the Sky Arch, many assassins in black clothes stood. The Blue-awesomeness embroidery on their shirts indicates that they are members of the most evil Assassin group in the Cadia Riverlands, “Finch”. That said, word from Finch is the thing to do.

After a while, a man sat across from the Sky Arch. Thus, he did not make a single noise in the Cloud Lake. This man is the Assassin of the famous Finch, known as the”Cyan Finch”. Without hesitation, he used his Defian Sword, generating a powerful energy and opening the Sky Arch. The Assassins behind him ran across the gate and entered the Hidden Dragon Land.

As a perfect Assassin, Cyan Finch cannot tolerate failure. This time it’s the same. However, The Hidden Land has many charms and dangers to fight the villain, which makes the Assassins lose their lives and fall from the sky. However, the trap is just as unable to remove the Cyan Finch. His nimble legs glide through the whole realm heading towards the Hidden Land.

Cyan FInch quickly got to the center of The Hidden Land, The Great Dragon Palace. In the Sky Arch, and has introduced the Great Dragon Palace is not awake. He chose this palace from on high, recalling the times in which he was called “Ling”, when he was betrayed.

Ling : The Cyan Finch

At that time, Ling and Zilong lived in The Hidden Land, studying with the Great Dragon. Becoming the Great Dragon’s successor was their common goal. However, even though the talented Ling defeated Zilong in the final battle, the Great Dragon still chose Zilong as his successor and adopted son.


left the Hidden Land feeling humiliated and with an unsettled heart. Filled with hatred and his desire for power, he trained himself hard. His efforts paid off a few years later and he became the best Assassin and later known as Cyan Finch.

His enemies tremble when they hear his name. Although it is well known, it is still not satisfied. One day, he meets the Black Dragon, a traitor exiled from The Hidden Land. He devises a plan to get his revenge against the Hidden Land and Cyan Finch agrees to the offer as they have both received the same treatment.

Ling saw the Great Dragon sitting in the palace with an evil look, and with a blink of an eye, he appeared in the middle of the palace. Great Dragon looked at his former disciple, shook his head and let out a disappointed sigh. Ling did nothing as he waited for his true opponent to come.

With silver lightning, Zilong appeared between Ling and the Great Dragon With The Dragon Spear in his hand. This was the moment that Ling, now known as Cyan Finch, was looking forward to, the moment to take revenge and prove the Great Dragon wrong. This time, The Defiant Sword and Dragon Spear clashed and a violent flow of energy filled the palace. They fought for hundreds of rounds, from the inside out. But they cannot defeat each other. Ling discovered that Zilong was not the weak opponent he had once defeated. Feeling frustrated, Ling put all his strength into unleashing the most deadly skill “Tempest of Blades“. His great energy shook the entire Hidden Land.

Ling : The Cyan Finch


Passive – Cloud Walker (Buff)

Ling’s superb Lightness Skill helps him leap among walls. When resting on the wall, He gains 4 Lightness Points per second when he’s on a walland 5 extra Lightness Points each time he deals damage. Ling gains 1.5 times Crit Chance from all sources but only has 150% Critical Damage.


Skill 1 – Finch Poise (Mobility, Buff)

Passive: Ling’s Critical Chance is permanently increased by 2.5%–10%.
Active: Ling casts his Lightness Skill, leaping onto the designated wall, entering half-stealth state, restoring Lightness Points more quickly and gaining 30% Movement Speed. If Ling receives damage, he will leave the half-stealth state. If he is controlled, he will fall onto the ground and be slowed by 30% for 2 seconds. When using this skill to jump from a wall to another, it will reset the Cooldown and refresh the half-stealth state.

Skill 2 – Defiant Sword

(Mobility, Damage)

Ling charges in a designated direction and stabs the nearby enemies at his destination, dealing 300–400 (+40% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage.
If Ling casts this skill when he is on the wall, he’ll dash to the target location on the ground, dealing 300–400 (+40% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies within a small area and slowing them down by 30% for 1.5 seconds. If this attack critically strikes, the enemies will be slowed by extra 45% for 0.75 seconds. Defiant Sword is regarded as Basic Attack, can trigger attack effects, and restores 35–60 HP for Ling each time it hits an enemy.


Ultimate – Tempest of Blades (Burst, CC)

Ling leaps into the air, becoming invincible and gaining 10% extra Movement Speed for 1.5 seconds. He can move freely when in the air. He then lands on the ground, dealing 250–450 (+100% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies in the area, knocking those in the center airborne for 1 second, and creating a Sword Field for 8 seconds.
Four Tempest of Blades will also appear on the edge of the Sword Field. Ling can touch them to reduce the cooldown of Finch Poise by 4 seconds, reset the cooldown of  Defiant Sword, and gain 25 Lightness points.

This hero is one of powerfull mage heroes at MLBB, go try playing this heroes to get new experience. We will updating information , so stay tuned to this site.