Lunox : The Twilight Goddess

Lunox : Twilight Goddess

Heroes Profile : Lunox (Twilight Goddess)

Lunox is one of the most popular Mage heroes in Mobile Legends. This Hero is perfect if you meet opponents who have high durability. Because the brust of this hero can kill heroes who have thin and thick HP.


Lunox : Twilight Goddess Release date : 2018

Role : Mage

Specialty : Burst/Damage

Origin : Minoan Labyrinth, Agelta Drylands

Gender : Female

Species : God

Affiliation : Minoan Labyrinth, The Oasis, Fate Deniers

Weapons : Eternal Order



During the final battle in the Land of Dawn, an ancient Twilight Orb absorbs and devours the energy of the Mages. The Twilight Orb, which was previously sealed, now opens with the help of the energy it expels. When The Twilight Orb opened, a girl stepped out from inside. The girl is surrounded by two forces that collide with each other, namely the forces of Chaos and Order. The mysterious girl was named Lunox.

Lunox who was born from an ancient Twilight orb had a deep gaze that was as deep as Ancient Lake. With his powers, he is able to create an illusion of a dream. In the world of dreams that he has created, he is able to transform and organize those dreams into reality. Therefore, to end the ongoing war, She put all the heroes into the illusory power of his dream.

Since time immemorial, the forces of Chaos and Order (light and darkness) have always fought to defeat each other. The struggle of the two different forces caused the world to fall into despair. All living things are affected by the clash of these two great powers. Only Her can be free from the despair caused by both Chaos and Order.

Lunox : Twilight Goddess

One day,

there was a mysterious whisper that her could hear. The Whisper tells Lunox to balance the forces of Chaos and Order by using the power of her dreams. Lunox recognizes that to do so, it will have to make greater sacrifices than ever before.

For the sake of the balance of the world and its contents, Lunox is willing to use the power of his dream to balance the two great powers. He finally channeled the power of Chaos and Order into the dream realm. The two forces were successfully balanced making it a Twilight Orb. Instead, Lunox should fall into an eternal slumber.

Even in its eternal sleep, She can still listen to mysterious whispers that always give important information. The Whisper tells Lunox that she will wake up from her sleep one day. Lunox will carry out its destiny as a balance between two different forces. In addition, She will go on a long journey to find another Twilight Orb that has been swallowed up by history.Lunox : Twilight Goddess


Passive – Dreamland Twist (Buff)

Lunox is twisted by the powers of Chaos and Order.
When Lunox uses Power of Order, she gains 1% Spell Vamp for every 1% Magic Penetration.
When Lunox uses Power of Chaos, she gains 1% Magic Penetration for every 1% of Spell Vamp.


Skill 1 – Starlight Pulse (AoE, Heal)

Lunox summons a rain of starlight upon nearby enemies, dealing 200–350 (+110% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. The starlight then returns to Lunox, each restoring and recovering 75–100 (+20% Total Magic Power) HP. The HP restored is doubled when hitting enemy heroes.
Grants one stack of Power of Order after use.

Skill 2 – Chaos Assault (Damage)

Lunox unleashes Chaos Energy at an enemy, dealing [(+120% Total Magic Power)(+target’s 2.5%–5% Total HP) ] (1.5%–3% of Max HP against Creeps).
Grants one stack of Power of Chaos after use.


Skill 3 – Cosmic Fission (Slow, AoE)

When Lunox uses the power of Order and Chaos, she will deal 300–500 (+150% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to the targets along the way and slow them by 40% for 2 seconds.


Ultimate – Order & Chaos

(Invincible, Mobility)

Lunox is twisted by the powers of Chaos and Order.
When Lunox uses Power of Order, she gains Brilliance and becomes invincible while dealing continuous damage to nearby enemies.

When Lunox uses Power of Chaos, she gains Darkening and can blink in a target direction and greatly reduces the cooldown of Chaos Assault for a brief period.

Power of Order: Brilliance (Invincible, AoE)
Lunox extends the Light Barrier and becomes invincible for 3 seconds while dealing 100–140 (+50% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage every 0.5 seconds to nearby enemies.

Power of Chaos: Darkening (Slow, AoE)

Lunox blinks in designated direction, dealing 250–450 (+100% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to nearby enemies, slowing them by 30% for 4 seconds.
For the next 4 seconds, enhances her Power of Chaos to greatly reduce the cooldown of Chaos Assault.


This hero is one of powerfull mage heroes at MLBB, go try playing this heroes to get new experience. We will updating information , so stay tuned to this site.