Alucard : The Demon Hunter

Heroes Profile : Alucard ( The Demon Hunter)

Alucard is the greatest demon hunter in Mobile Legends. He is one assassin fighter Hero is often used as a player’s weapon because of his strong and qualified skills.


Alucard : The Demon Hunter

Role : Fighter/Assassin

Specialty : Chase/Damage

Origin : Monastery of Light, Moniyan Empire

Gender : Male

Species : Human

Occupation : Demon Hunter

Affiliation : Moniyan Empire (formerly), The Abyss (hostile)

Lane Reccomandations : Jungler, EXP Lane


since birth to the world, He was always abandoned by his parents who went to war. As a soldier in the city, it was their responsibility to protect the city from the attacks of the Demons who had wanted to defeat them for years.

One day Alucard’s parents go to the border town to run an errand. Because he was used to it, Alucard did not feel the slightest worry, especially so far after carrying out the duties of Alucard’s parents always came home in a healthy condition wal afiat. However, after days of no news, He felt anxious and worried.

Because his parents usually did not leave during this time, he could only pray that God would provide salvation for the soldiers who were carrying out the task. One night, a group of soldiers finally arrived. Alucard was very happy, he tried to find the whereabouts of his parents. But unfortunately, He’s desire to stay longer with his parents had to pass.

Alucard : The Demon Hunter

Every Night,

Alucard is tortured in turn by demons. Even the cruel treatment of the Demons made him almost follow his parents to the afterlife. Fortunately he managed to survive, his body was covered with scars, he was also only given leftover food that was like being given to dirty animals such as rats, cockroaches, and so on.

After a year of training against true demons, Alucard became a great warrior. And he becoming part of a Demon Hunter who still has the same ambition, which is to take revenge for the death of his parents, plus after being tortured for months in prison. In the end, Alucard managed to eradicate the demons one by one. His fighting ability is very good. The Demons who saw his presence were terrified. Every time Alucard saw them, their lives would disappear. No matter how clever they are looking for a hiding place, Alucard will definitely find it. Alucard gets to the point where he decides to betray the light’s Order, then he wanders the Land of Dawn to exterminate demons wherever he finds them,

Alucard : The Demon Hunter



Passive – Pursuit (Buff)

After each skill cast, Alucard’s next Basic Attack allows him to dash to the target’s location and deal (+140% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage.


Skill 1 – Groundsplitter (Mobility AOE)

Alucard rolls to the target location and slams his blade on the ground, dealing 270–370 (+110% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies hit and slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds.

Skill 2 – Whirling Smash (AOE)

Alucard launches a whirling slash, dealing 345–570 (+120% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to nearby enemies.

Ultimate – Fission Wave (Buff Burst)

Passive: Alucard permanently gains 10%-30% extra Hybrid Lifesteal.
Active: Alucard absorbs the energy of enemies in the target area, reducing their Movement Speed by 30% and Hybrid Defense by 10-20. Alucard gains 10-20 Hybrid Defense for each enemy hero hit and reduces the cooldown of his other skills to 50% for 6 seconds.
Use Again: Alucard releases a shockwave in the target direction, dealing 400–700 (+200% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies hit.

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