Franco : The Frozen Warior

Heroes Profile : Franco ( The Frozen Warior)

Franco is one of the popular tanks in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Franco is a senior hero in the mobile game Legend. This Hero has often experienced shape changes and skill changes to adjust to the seasons that will continue to change.


Franco : The Frozen Warior

Release date : 2016

Role : Tank

Specialty : Initiator/Control

Origin : Northern Vale

Gender : Male

Species : Human

Occupation : Unnamed tribe leader

Affiliation : Black Shark Pirates (hostile)


Northern Vale, a harsh place full of cold natural environments. shaped the character of its inhabitants into strong and courageous people. They glorify strength and Gallant physique. believing that their toughness comes from their common ancestor, the Icelandic Golem who once ruled the land.

However, Franco was different. He was born with a small and less imposing posture. contrary to the strong traditions of the Northern Vale. He came from a tribe that lived on the shores of the Frozen Sea and depended on a large fleet of ships to exchange trade and hunt fish. However, Franco did not want to become an adult man as his tribesmen wanted him to be. When his peers of the same age were already holding big guns and began to train, He could only play with small arms. He was the target of ridicule and even his family doubted his abilities. However, He had big dreams of becoming the greatest warrior in the Northern Vale and was immortalized in the book of heroes. He is sure that his small posture does not prevent him from achieving great things.

Franco decided to leave the tribe and train alone in the mountains of Northern Vale. Over the years, he faced extreme weather, wild animals, and other threats. As a result, He gained incredible strength and unshakable character.

Franco : The Frozen Warior

After a long battle,

Franco managed to defeat Bane and his fleet. In the end, the famous Black Pearl ship of incredible endurance sank with its troops. Today, the inhabitants of Nost Gal are again able to live peacefully and are not afraid of the threats that are trying to come. Franco managed to defeat his sworn enemy. However, he did not realize that Bane, who had been drowning for years, had risen again and was cursed. He wanted to take revenge on Franco.

The story of Franco, The Frozen Warrior of the Northern Vale, is a story of determination, courage and the ability to face injustice. Franco proved that physical size is not a determinant of success, and with great determination, a person can achieve incredible achievements. For Mobile Legends players, He is proof that heroism can be found in unexpected places, even in game characters.

Franco : The Frozen Warior


Passives – Wasteland Force (Buff)

If no damage is taken within 5 seconds Franco gains 10% Movement Speed. recovers 1% Max HP per second, and begins accumulating Wasteland Force (up to 10 stacks).
Franco will consume all Wasteland Force stacks on his next skill cast to increase the skill’s damage by up to 150%.

Skill 1 – Iron Hook (CC, Damage)

Franco launches an iron hook in the target direction. The hook will snag the first enemy unit hit, dealing 400–650 (+100% Total Physical Attack). Physical Damage dragging them to Franco.

Skill 2 – Fury Shock (Slow)

Franco lashes out, dealing Physical Damage equal to 300–450 plus 4%. of his Max HP to nearby enemies and slowing them by 70% for 1.5 seconds.

Ultimate – Bloody Hunt (Burst CC)


Franco suppresses the target enemy hero for 1.8 seconds and strikes them 6 times over the duration, each time dealing 50 (+70% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage.

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