Xavier : The Defier Of Light

Heroes Profile Xavier

Heroes Profile : Xavier – The Defier Of Light

Xavier is a mage heroes in MLBB, He is the one of member Forsaken Light. He isn’t a human, he is a half of Elf. This Hero has a story related to Yin and Melissa. Xavier is one of the arbiters of Light, like Alucard, who is devoted to the Monastery of Light. However, eventually Xavier decides to leave the church after several events.


Heroes Profile : Xavier - The Defier Of Light

Release date : 22 March 2022

Role : Mage

Specialty : Damage/Guard

Species : Human

Born : Lumina City, Moniyan Empire

Occupation : Former member of the Knights of Light, Former Arbiter of Light

Affiliation : Forsaken Light, Monastery of Light

Lane Reccomandations : Mid Lane



Xavier was born in an ordinary merchant family in the city of Lumina. The only unusual thing is her mother, a Light Elf. Due to Elven descent, he was born born with extraordinary intelligence and sapphire-blue eyes. Xavier’s father had high hopes for Xavier, thinking that his son could bring prosperity. Unfortunately, Xavier was not interested in the family business at all and joined the Monastery of Light once he came of age. Before leaving, Xavier’s mother gave him a magic cloak made by the Elves.

As a child, Xavier often sneaked out of the house to play with street cats at night. He names the Cats he meets, such as ‘heroes’, or ‘evil dragons’, while Xavier calls himself ‘commander’. Xavier was very fond of his little adventures, until one day the cat he named ‘evil dragon’ disappeared. He searched for the ‘evil dragon ‘and found many wild dogs swarming around the’evil dragon’. As the dogs were about to attack the ‘evil dragon‘, He rushed towards the’ evil dragon’ and protected it.

Little Xavier closed his eyes and for the first time he felt anger and heat energy all over his body. The movement of the wild dogs that tried to attack Xavier stopped suddenly after he felt a mysterious energy gushing from his body. Still holding the ‘evil dragon’, He is unaware that it is he who is causing the phenomenon. That was the moment Xavier first awakened his mystical magic, a rare power that has only appeared a few times in history.

Heroes Profile : Xavier - The Defier Of Light


  • Passive – Transcendence

Enhances his subsequent skills each time skill hits an enemy hero.  I All subsequent skills hit will increase movement speed by 50%, decaying over 1.2s. II Skill width greatly increased. III All Xavier’s skills cooldown reduced by 4 seconds (12 seconds for the Ultimate. The state lasts 5 seconds (Xavier can extend the duration by hitting enemies with skills).

  • Skill 1 – Infinite Extension (AoE, Slow)

Xavier fires a Mystic Bullet that deals 350–600 (+150% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies it passes through.
The Bullet’s flying distance increases each time it hits an enemy or the Mystic Barrier.

  • Skill 2 -Mystic Field (AoE)

Conjures a Mystic Barrier that lasts 5 seconds. Enemies that come into contact with the Barrier will take 125–250 and be slowed by 50%, while allies will gain extra Movement Speed that decays over 1.2 seconds.
When hit by Xavier’s other skills, the Barrier will expand into a forbidden field for 3 seconds, dealing 300–600 (+120% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies within and immobilizing them for 1.2 seconds.

  • Ultimate – Dawning Light (AoE)

Xavier unleashes a beam of Mystic magic that deals 650–1050 (+150% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to all enemies in a line on the map Xavier also directly enters Transcendence Stage III.


This hero is one of powerfull mage heroes at MLBB, go try playing this heroes to get new experience. We will updating information , so stay tuned to this site