Cici MLBB The Latest Hero is Deadly

Cici MLBB The Latest Hero is DeadlyCici is the 123rd hero in this game and the fourth hero released this year following Arlott, Novaria, and Nolan.

This Hero uses yo-yo in battle and is able to turn every fight into a show. With a bright yellow dress, long blue hair and a bright pink hair tie, the look is really interesting.

According to the developers, the new hero is very strong in Long team-fights and specializes in targeting and finishing off enemy back-line heroes. His skill set makes Cici worth keeping an eye on in the EXP lane lane.

Simple Story Cici MLBB The Latest Hero is Deadly :

Taking place on a magnificent night at Castle Aberleen, Cici of the Whimsical Wonders Troop rocks the town with her devastating Performing Arts.

Although it is forbidden to perform there, but its spirit attracts the attention of citizens. However, when a threat arises, an unexpected encounter brings the story of Cici’s family and the town’s old history back to the fore.

With the help of her friends and her dazzling performances, Cici changes the destiny of Castle Aberleen, restoring long-lost cheerfulness and marking the beginning of a new era for the formerly gloomy Castle Aberleen.


Skill : 


Cici MLBB The Latest Hero is Deadly

  • Yo-Yo Blitz

Cici uses Yoyo to continuously attack the nearest enemy within range (prioritizing heroes) for 3.5 seconds, hitting them up to 10 times and dealing Physical Damage equal to 60–85 plus 3–4.5 (+1.2% Extra Physical Attack)% of the target’s Max HP per hit. Cici can move and use other skills during this attack.
If there’s no enemy hero within the range, Yoyo will attack Turrets or the Base instead.
The skill deals 20% extra damage to Minions.

  • Buoyant Bounce

Cici leaps to a target location. If she lands on any unit (not including Turrets and Base), she can leap again in the Joystick’s direction. If she lands on an enemy with the first leap, she deals 200-300 (+40% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to them.


  • Curtain Call

Cici throws Yoyo at the target enemy hero and links them with another nearby enemy hero, dealing 100 (+10% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage, slowing them by 30%, and pulling them together.
During this time, Cici can use Yo-Yo Blitz Yo-Yo Blitz to attack both linked targets at the same time. If only one is within the range of Yo-Yo Blitz, Cici will attack the target twice, but the damage of the second attack will be reduced to 20%



Cici MLBB The Latest Hero is Deadly