Best Build Items Lolita for Top Global MLBB 2024

Best Build Items Lolita for Top Global MLBB 2024

Lolita was a gentle and tenacious half-elf girl. After she was rescued from the war and brought to Eruditio, she became a craftsman in the workshop. But she had an uncommon ambition: to join the Eruditio Rangers and fight like those who had rescued her. However, every battle proved to be overwhelming for her, because although she was a good fighter, she couldn’t bear to hurt anyone.

During an attack on the workshop, Lolita protected the Noumenon Energy Core with her body and was severely wounded. It was through this incident that her courage was acknowledged by the Eruditio Rangers, and they decided to take her in. Eventually, she understood that it didn’t matter if one had destructive powers, because protecting too requires courage, and gentleness itself is also strength.

Discover the secrets to victory as we explore the best build items for Lolita in MLBB 2024. Equip yourself with the best gear and lead your team to victory in style!

The following is Lolita’s build item from Top Global Lolita:

Best Build Items Lolita for Top Global MLBB 2024


1. Tough Boots

Best Build Items Lolita for Top Global MLBB 2024

+40 Movement Speed
+22 Magic Defense
Unique Passive – Fortitude: Reduces time controlled 30%.

2. Dominance Ice

Best Build Items Lolita for Top Global MLBB 2024

+500 Mana
+55 Physical Defense
+5% Movement Speed
Unique Passive – Artic Cold: Taking damage will reduce the Attack Speed of the atacker to 80% of normal for 1 second.
Unique Passive – Lifebane: Taking damage will reduce the Shield and HP Regen effects of the attacker to 50% of normal for 1 second.

3. Antique Cuirass

+920 HP
+40 Physical Defense
+4 HP Regen
Unique Passive – Deter: When hit by a skill, reduces the attacker’s Physical Damage by 6% for 2 seconds (up to 3 stacks).

4. Athena’s Shield

+900 HP
+48 Magic Defense
+2 HP Regen
Unique Passive – Shield: Can be triggered when taking Magic Damage. Reduces Magic Damage taken by 25% for 3s (including the Magic Damage that triggers this effect). You will be able to trigger this effect again only after leaving combat for 5s.

5. Immortality

+800 HP
+15 Physical Defense
Unique Passive – Immortal: Resurrect 2.5s upon death and gets 16% Max HP and 220-1200 shield that lasts for 3s. (Scales with level) This effect has a CD of 210s.

6. Blade Armor

+70 Physical Defense
Unique Attribute: +20% Crit Damage Reduction
Unique Passive – Bladed Armor: When struck by a Basic Attack, deals Physical Damage equal to 30% of the incoming damage (calculated before Damage) plus 25% of the hero’s Physical Defense to the attacker and slows them by 15% for 1s.

Battle spell for Lolita


Moves a certain distance in a designated direction. Then gains 6 (+1 × Hero Level) Physical and Magic Defense for 1 second.

Best Build Items Lolita for Top Global MLBB 2024

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