Jawhead : The Steel Sweatheart

Jawhead : The Steel Sweatheart

Hereos Profile : Jawhead (Steel Sweatheart)

Jawhead is one of the fighting characters in MLBB. Jawhead is a very loyal robot fighter, he is always with the little girl who is the figure he always protects. Because he is a robot, this hero is very tough as a tank, but he also has skills with high damage so it is suitable for fighters or junglers.


Jawhead : The Steel SweatheartRelease date : January 2018

Role : Fighter

Specialty : Charge/Burst

Origin : Laboratory 1718

Gender : Ungendered

Species : Robot

Occupation : Guardian of Henry family

Weapons : Smart missiles


The land of Dawn holds countless mysteries that have been solved and unsolved. One of them is the existence of a dark organization that has been established since centuries years ago.

Actually, many people already know about the existence of this organization. However, they do not know what the main purpose of the organization is. Interestingly, every time there is chaos there, then the organization is the main character who is able to make chaos under control.

Meanwhile, a professor named Henry and his wife live in different places. Henry works at a place called Dawn Council. There’s been a lot of great technological research done by Henry. It made itself known to many.

Any technology created by him, always has a great impact on the needs of the surrounding community. It also helps the running of the government system in the region.

One day, Henry along with his wife managed to create a technology that is outwardly the same as the name Smart-01. This latest technology has the latest intelligence and ability to exceed previous creations.

The technology has the ability to control genetics, so every movement must be based on the user’s consciousness. So, it can move freely as long as it is still in the control of its user.

Jawhead : The Steel Sweatheart

Knowing the potential opportunities of the robot, officials in the Dawn Council Area requested that Professor Henry and his wife send the technology to the government for mass production. Later they want to use the robot as a means of combat warfare. However, Professor Henry does not want to hand over the robot to the government. The reason was because he didn’t want something he created to be abused, including as a means of War combat.

The government,

hearing Henry’s request, refuses, ordering someone to destroy the laboratory and all of its technology, including the raw data.

After that incident, the whereabouts of Professor Henry’s family is no one knows. All that remains is a daughter named Alice who is the daughter of Professor Henry and his wife.

Alice, who is still small and cute, certainly does not know all the events that happened to her father and mother. Even so, there is a special robot created by his father who always accompanies him. The Robot calls Alice by the same name as her parents. Alice calls the robot Jawhead. Missing her parents, Alice and Jawhead travel to reunite with them. The only clue he left behind was a pocket watch he always kept.

Jawhead : The Steel Sweatheart



Passive – Mecha Suppression (Buff)

Jawhead’s attacks apply a stack of Mecha Suppression on hit (up to 10 stacks). Each stack lasts 3 seconds and increases the damage of Jawhead’s Basic Attacks to the enemy by 8%.


Skill 1 – Smart Missiles )Burst)

Jawhead launches up to 12 missiles at random nearby enemies over 5 seconds, each missile dealing 135–260 (+30% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to the enemy hit.


Skill 2 – Ejector (Shield, CC)

Jawhead gains 30% Movement Speed and a 250–600 (+180% Total Physical Attack) shield for S seconds.
Use Again: Jawhead flings the nearest unit (prioritizes heroes) to the target location, dealing 300–500 (+80% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies in the area and stunning them for 0.5 seconds. Can used on allied heroes and they will not take damage.



Ultimate – Unstoppable Force (Mobility, CC)

Jawhead charges into the target enemy hero, dealing 350–600 (+150% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and briefly stunning them.[duration unknown] Enemies around the target are knocked back and dealt the same amount of the damage. Jawhead is immune to control effects during the charge.

This hero is one of powerfull fighter heroes at MLBB, go try playing this heroes to get new experience. We will updating information , so stay tuned to this site




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