Uranus : The Aesthereal Defender

Uranus : Aesthereal Defender

Heroes Profile : Uranus (Aesthereal Defender)

Uranus is one of the most deadly Tank heroes that has a very deadly durability and damage. This Hero has quite disturbing skills and is suitable to be a very strong offlane. Uranus has the ability to regen so that it does not need to go back and forth to the base and eliminate 1 creep to regen health and Mananya. Uranus takes on the role of a tank hero with a good level of durability and thick blood that makes it difficult to conquer.


Release date : 2018  Uranus : Aesthereal Defender

Role : Tank

Specialty : Regen :

Gender : Genderless

Species : Aethereal

Weapons : Celestial Nimbus

Abilities : Aether Manipulation, Self-healing

Lane Reccommandation : EXP lane/Roaming



Legend has it that this city floating above the sky of the Land of Dawn was once home to the gods. It is also said that this mysterious place holds the key to rule the world.

Several centuries ago, the rulers of the Celestial Palace used the secrets of ancient technology to create Uranus. Then ordered his creation to guard the city and wait for the emergence of a new ruler.

When scientists from the Land of Dawn found and opened the gates of the Celestial Palace. The battle between the Dawn Zenith and the Dark Abyss quickly spread throughout the region, disturbing the peace of this ancient city.
The two camps tried to occupy the Celestial Palace as a symbol of victory, their heroes gave up their strength completely, and finally came to a dead end.Uranus : Aesthereal Defender

The immense energy that he released during the incessant fighting finally awakened the defense system of the ancient city, and transformed directly into the force of light that fed and resurrected Uranus, who was asleep in the depths of the Celestial Palace.

“Go now intruder!” he roared upon awakening, and then charged into the battlefield, filled with light, Aether, and boundless rage. The guard has returned, and is now ready to take up his duties. The purpose was to drive away these savage intruders disturbing the peace of the Celestial Palace.

Uranus : Aesthereal Defender



 Passive – Radiance (Heal)

Uranus absorbs the energy generated by incoming attacks to strengthen himself, regenerating a certain amount of HP every 0.8s. Each stack lasts 10s. When at max stacks (20), Uranus regenerates 48-224 HP (scales with level).


Skill 1 – Ionic Edge (AoE Slow)

Uranus releases two energy blades that orbit around him, dealing 155–255 (+30% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemy targets and slowing them by 30% for 2s.
Each time this skill deals damage to a target, they will be marked with stack for 6s (max of 1 stack per target per cast).

Each stack increases the damage of this skill by 40% (to a max of 320%). Energy blade will only deal damage to the same target once.

Skill 2 – Transcendent Ward (Mobility Shield)

Uranus charges to the target location, dealing 80–200 (+20% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies along the way, and 160–400 (+80% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies at the target location and slowing them by 25%. Uranus also generates a 300–750 (+200% Total Magic Power) shield for 4s.
The shield explodes at the end of its duration or when destroyed, dealing 300–750 (+150% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies nearby.


Ultimate – Consecration (Buff, Speed Up)

Uranus unleashes the energy stored within his body, removing slow effects on himself, recovering 200-400 HP, and gaining 60% Movement Speed for 8s (decays over time).
Uranus directly gains 5-15 stacks of Radiance, increasing shields received and HP Regen by 20% for 8s.

This hero is one of powerfull Tank heroes at MLBB, go try playing this heroes to get new experience. We will updating information , so stay tuned to this site.