Balmond : The Bloody Beas

Balmond : The Bloody Beast

Heroes Profile : Balmond (Bloody Beast)

Balmond is one of the oldest heroes of Mobile Legends from the first release. In the past until now there were only players who used this Hero to fill exp lanes and even junglers. This Hero is very strong when playing as an Offlaner and Jungler, thanks to the damage and Cooldown from Balmond, it is very supportive to win one on one in a lane. In the story, Balmond is the leader of an army of Orcs trying to eliminate slavery in the Orc nation that has been under the shadow of the Blood Demon.


Balmond : The Bloody BeastRelease date : 2016

Role : Fighter

Specialty : Damage/Regen

Born : Stormeye Wasteland, The Barren Lands

Gender : Male

Species : Orc

Occupation : Leader of Orc Legion

Affiliation : Orc Legion, The Abyss

Weapons : Battleaxe



In a place called The Land of Dawn, right in the Enchanted Forest to the Crack of the Abyss, The Blood Demons utilize their noble lineage and extreme intelligence to enslave the orc race, a symbol of barbarian power.

The Blood Demons enslaved the Orcs to do anything they wanted, such as one of them finding food to give to their master the Moon Elf. Of course, during the almost 30 years of slavery, the Orcs suffered greatly. Until one day, Crazed Savage, who is the ancestor of the Orcs, wants to end the slavery system.

Under the command of Crazed Savage, the Orcs then plan a rebellion mission and try to carry out their mission. However, it was very unexpected that Crazed Savage’s wife had to lose her life after giving birth to her son, who was named Balmond. This is where Balmond’s story begins.

Balmond was born still under the shadow of the Blood demons that enslaved their clan. He grew up together with his father and other Orc clans. His life was very hard and always enslaved, until he finally made himself love what is called Fighting.

In every battle he went through including against humans and Moon Elves, Balmond always won the battle. Until one day, Crazed Savage chose his son Balmond to lead an army of Orcs.It made Balmond’s life more violent and became the most powerful Orc Warrior among the other orcs.Balmond : The Bloody Beast

One day,

Balmond overhears the story of his mother’s death. That made Balmond determined to make the Orc Clan free from the blood Demon’s bondage.As time passed, Balmond, who had been determined to take revenge on the Blood Demon, Alice, and made her indirectly violate the slavery contract.

With the strength and abilities he possessed, he advanced and attacked the Blood Demon Warrior alone. However, because the Blood Demon possessed more power than the Orcs, Balmond was cornered.He then bit the neck of one of the Blood Demon Warriors. Because of that, he gained special powers from the Blood Demon nation and became a new race called the Bloodaxe Orcs.

With the new power, Balmond managed to defeat all the blood Demon soldiers until finally facing one on one with the queen, Alice. But unfortunately, Balmond’s forces still could not defeat the Queen. Alice gives the seal of slavery back to Balmond.

Balmond : The Bloody Beast


Passive – Bloodthirst (Heal)   

Balmond recovers 5% Max HP after killing a Minion or Creep, and 20% Max HP after killing a hero.



Skill 1 – Soul Lock (Mobility, Slow)

Balmond charges tn the target direction for a set distance or until he hits an enemy hero, dealing 150–275 (+60% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies along the way. The enemy hero hit will be knocked back slightly and slowed by 60% for 2 seconds.

Skill 2 – Cyclone Sweep (AoE, Buff)

Balmond gains 15% Movement Speed that decays over time and spins his axe for 3 seconds, dealing 25–100 (+25% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to nearby enemies up to 14 times. Each subsequent hit on the same enemy will deal 7.5% increased damage (up to 60%).
The Physical Attack bonus portion of the damage can critically strike.

Ultimate – Lethal Counter (Burst, Slow)

Balmond unleashes a huge strike in the target direction (cannot be interrupted), dealing [150 (+70% Total Physical Attack) (+target’s 30%–45% Lost HP) True Damage.]
This skill deals up to 1000–2000 damage to non-hero units.


This hero is one of powerfull Fighter heroes at MLBB, go try playing this heroes to get new experience. We will updating information , so stay tuned to this site.