Baxia : The Mystique Tortoise

Baxia : Mystique Tortoise

Heroes Profile : Baxia (Mystique Tortoise)

Baxia is one of the Mobile Legends Heroes with a Tank role that is quite popular thanks to the abilities he has. The hero who is identical to carrying a pair of shields or wheels is very powerful to fight heroes who have the ability to regenerate their blood. Baxia also includes a tank hero that can roam quickly which is useful for helping his teammates.


Baxia : Mystique Tortoise Release date : 8 October 2019

Role : Tank

Specialty : Support/Damage

Origin : Cadia Riverlands

Gender : Male

Species : Human

Affiliation : Xuan’ao, Oriental Fighters, Dragons Altar

Weapons : Shield of Spirit


To the east of the Land of Dawn, between the old village of Stream Valley and Scarlet Shadow, a huge Totem ruin stood between the mountains and the forest. Some people believe that the Totem symbolizes some kind of trust or, as the Oracle says, the Totem guards this land.

Not far away, there is a mysterious stone staircase covered with leaves. A winding stone staircase that reaches to the sky. The destination is the Land of Xuan’ao, which is also known as the Land of Mystic Tortoise.

Within a radius of a hundred miles, the Stone Land was bordered by a lay forest with a huge shadow sitting in the middle of it. Looks like he’s meditating. Meditation keeps a person away from disputes. However, suddenly the clouds became cloudy. The atmosphere becomes tense.

Suddenly, dozens of chains pierced through the clouds and several Assassins landed in Stone Land. They want to lock Baxia with their chains. Fortunately, with the protection of his iron shield made of Black Ore, Baxia was able to safely unleash her power.

Baxia : Mystique Tortoise

The assassins were defeated, they grimaced in pain. However, when one of the Assassins mentioned “Cyan Finch”, Baxia was shocked. He knew that it was the name of the best Assassin in Cadia Riverlands and how powerful he was.

He knew that Cyan Finch was on his way to eliminate the Great Dragon. Baxia realized that she had to make an important decision now. This made him recall the unforgettable war that took place thousands of years ago.

Black Dragon has incredible talents, and no matter how hard Baxia trains herself, she will never be able to match him. However, the man she admired the most made a mistake. Black Dragon dreams of traveling outside of The Hidden Land of Dragons. He wants to travel all over the world and make people accept Dragons.

Gradually, his dreams affected Baxia. However, even though they were very close, Baxia was still weaker than Black Dragon. Black Dragons often sneak out of The Hidden Land of Dragons to explore the world. Baxia was often blamed by The Great Dragon for helping the Black Dragon.

One day,

the Black Dragon returned to The Hidden Land with a different soul. He’s changed, both inside and outside. He’s not the same as before. Baxia could feel his desire to eliminate.

Then the Black Dragon violated the Great Dragon’s order and launched an attack. Black Dragon’s betrayal upset Baxia. At a critical moment in the battle between the Black Dragon and the Great Dragon, Baxia pushed the Black Dragon out of the clouds and protected its Master.

The Black Dragon disappeared. Baxia still remembers Black Dragon saa’s eyes and his voice that echoed in the sky – “I’ll be back!” Now Black Dragon has sent his best Assassin to eliminate the Great Dragon. He didn’t want this to happen and felt a dilemma with her choice, saving the Master who had been very meritorious to her by facing someone who was formerly her closest relative.

Baxia tries to force the Chief Assassins to tell him where the Black Dragon is, but the Assassins refuse to tell him anything and decide to commit suicide by drinking poison. He wanted to return to The Hidden Land of Dragons as soon as possible to help his Master and make amends for the move he had taken.

Baxia : Mystique Tortoise


 Passive – Baxia Mark (Buff, Debuff)

Baxia activates the Baxia Mark permanently, reducing the final damage received by 25.
At the same time Baxia’s will reduce the enemy hero’s Shield and HP Regen by 50% for 4 seconds when hit by his skills.


Skill 1 – Baxia-Shield Unity (Speed Up, CC)

Baxia retracts himself into his shield and accelerates forward [for 9 seconds]. When hitting an enemy unit, he will deal 300–400 (+60% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to it and nearby enemies, stunning the target for 0.8 second and slightly knocking other nearby enemies back.
During the process of accelerating forward, use this skill again to launch Baxia upward so that he can cross obstacles and enemy minions. When leaping up, if there is an enemy hero under Baxia, he will strike down this hero, dealing 375–500 (+75% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to this hero and nearby enemies, stunning the hit target for 1.5 seconds, and slightly knocking other nearby enemy targets back.


Skill 2 – Shield of Spirit

(Damage, Slow)

Baxia throws his shield forward that will disappear upon hitting an enemy hero or creeps, dealing 180–255 (+120% Total Magic Power) (+target’s 6% Total HP) Magic Damage to the target and minions on the path. Meanwhile, marks them for 5 seconds and slows them down by 50% for 1 second. The shield disappears upon hitting the first enemy hero or creep.
Baxia can cast this skill again [for 5 seconds]. If an enemy hero or creep us hit by the skill, the cooldown will be reduced by 15%.


Ultimate – Tortoise’s Puissance (Speed Up, AoE)

Baxia holds his shield to the front and begins sprinting frantically, gaining 30% extra Movement Speed for 10 seconds while leaving a lava path behind. Enemies on the path will take 40–50 (+30% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and be slowed by 15% for 0.5 seconds every 0.5 seconds. For the duration, the Damage Reduction effect from Baxia Mark is increased to 240% (85).

This hero is one of powerfull Tank heroes at MLBB, go try playing this heroes to get new experience. We will updating information , so stay tuned to this site.