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The new season of Magic Chess is here! For those of you fans of the sub-game from Mobile Legends, this one should know that there are many changes that have occurred. You could say, as long as Magic Chess appeared, this season there was a significant overhaul. Therefore, you need to investigate what changes are there.

For you Magic Chess players, just take a look at the article, let’s go!

1. New Synergy

In this new season of Magic Chess, Moonton presents several new synergies. Of course, in this update, synergies are replaced. For example, now there are no Shape Shifter, Eruditio, Cyborg, Blood Demon, Monastery of Light, Celestial, and The Western Expanse. However, some have changed their names and their effects.

For example, The Western Expanse which was changed to Los Pecados, then there was Empire changed to Lightborn. Now Moonton categorizes Hero synergy based on the skin series they have. For example, Lightborn is filled by Alucard, Tigreal, Fanny, and Granger. This synergy has an additional shield effect when you get or launch an attack after 10 times.
The effects of the previous Empire were transferred to the Mech Era synergy. Each attack from the Hero Mech Era will reduce the amount of mana the enemy has while restoring their mana. This synergy was filled by Johnson, Karrie, Gord, Lesley, Nana, Hayabusa, and Saber.

Zodiac skins are also included in the new season of Magic Chess. Now Badang is no longer included in the Celestial / Wresler synergy but rather Wrestler / Astro Power. This synergy is filled with strong heroes such as Karina, Lancelot, Martis, Irithel, and Odette. When all of them have been collected, the Astro Power Hero who has the most equipment will be strengthened by 150% and has a lifesteal of 80%.

The Wymslayer Warrior synergy is filled with heroes who enter the Dragon Tamer skin series such as Valir, Estes, Masha, Kimmy, and Ling. This synergy is very strong to start the fight, because when it is complete, each Wymslayer Warrior Hero will have its attack increased by 600 points for 7 seconds.

Venom’s skin is no less interesting, Hanabi, Grock, Harley, Angela, and Gusion have the opportunity to give poison to enemies that have damage equal to 1-10% of the enemy’s total HP. Among other things, only this synergy can have a DPS effect on your opponent.

In the past, the effect of giving critical attacks was only owned by the Marksman synergy, but now comes a very deadly Gunner synergy at the start of the game. The attacks they launch have a 35% chance of critical damage which results in attacks of up to 380% critical damage. Sinergi Archer (formerly Marksman) prioritizes an attack speed of 10% which can be stacked eight times for 60 seconds.

Lastly, there was the Swordsman synergy. The effect given by this synergy is to summon the Orbiting Sword which can make them deal an attack equal to 20-40% of the enemy’s lost HP. This synergy was filled by Lancelot, Ling, Hayabusa, and Saber.

2. Synergy Formula

The synergy formula in question is the maximum number of heroes for one synergy. An example is the Wrestler. In the past, this synergy had six heroes to get the maximum effect. Now, Moonton only includes four heroes, namely Chou, Masha, Aldous, and Badang. Although the Hero is reduced, the Wrestler effect is not changed. They still have a 30% chance to stun the enemy.

Then, the synergy of Nature Spirit which used to be an Elf was also reduced to only four heroes. This synergy no longer has a splash damage effect that can spread to several nearby enemies. Now, this Synergy has the ability to regenerate HP by 70-220 for four seconds.

The Targeman that used to be four Heroes was narrowed down to three. In fact, the selection could be easier because it only takes two heroes to activate this synergy. In addition, the effect is still the same, namely adding the HP of each Targeman unit by 1500 points.

In total, there are eight new synergies that are divided into two roles and six factions. This update will indeed make players have to adapt again, but the efficiency of the Hero made by Moonton is actually very helpful because it can get synergy easier. Especially at the beginning of the game, which in fact often makes players confused about what synergy to play.

The Targeman that used to be four Heroes was narrowed down to three. In fact, the selection could be easier because it only takes two heroes to activate this synergy. In addition, the effect is still the same, namely adding the HP of each Targeman unit by 1500 points.

3. Hero Price Changes

Apart from adding synergies, what you should know is that there are changes in price and Hero tier. Starting from the most surprising first, namely Zilong. Before the season changed, Zilong was a low tier Hero who had a price of one coin. Now, he is even more deadly when he is promoted to a Hero tier worth five coins.

Then, Akai also got a change. In the past, he was equal to Zilong, now Akai costs three coins and the skill effect is changed. Now the mechanism is more like Balmond in the season before this. Akai activates the ultimate without crowd control. Each round will damage the enemy for 3.5 seconds.

Several other heroes also get a price increase, but it’s not as significant as Akai and Zilong. For example, Karrie and Badang, which are now four coins, previously only three coins. In terms of strength, the two of them also didn’t change significantly but the new synergy effect made them quite annoying.

4. Change Hero

Just like before, every time you change seasons, there must be a Hero who is discarded. In this season, there are several heroes who are quite crucial but no longer exist such as Jawhead, Zask, Yu Zhong, Diggie, and Vale. Even though in the previous season they were a mainstay because they had their respective uses and benefits for the players.

For example Diggie who is a Hero from the Eruditio synergy with Chou and Claude. At the beginning of the game, this synergy really helps players to enrich themselves. With an additional 1-3 coins in each round, it can make it easier for players to purchase heroes. Now Diggie is gone along with the synergy.

Then Jawhead also became a mainstay for players who like to use the Wrestler synergy. The thing is, what Jawhead is most wary of is his ultimate which can provide a stun effect in a fairly wide area. When dealing with him it will be very difficult for your Hero to attack. His position was replaced by Masha, while Minshittar was eliminated and Aldous entered.

Hero changes also occur in the role of Archer (Marksman). The entry of Hanabi replaced Claude who was shifted to Gunner. Then, Cyclops was also eliminated along with the Celestial faction. He was replaced with Harley to complement the V.E.N.O.M.

The entry and exit of Hero this season has weakened some factions, for example the Wrestler, which used to be a meta synergy. Even though it still has a stun effect, but Hero doesn’t have area attacks. However, the game in Magic Chess is now more varied regarding Hero selection and synergy.

5. Procurement of the Blessing Effect

Apart from adding overpowered Heroes, Moonton also added the blessing effect this season. The blessing effect is a kind of buff for certain heroes after they are upgraded. Its appearance cannot be predicted because it is random. There are two effects given from this blessing, the first is the addition of a star, then an increase in the amount of synergy in one Hero.

In the past, only the Elementalist faction could add stars from the smallest Hero. However, this season the fraction only has the effect of adding mana and adding stars to a blessing effect. When a Hero gets this buff, the star will be added automatically. Worse, Hero who is level 3 can still level up to four stars.

The second effect is the multiplication of synergy in one Hero. A rough picture is like you take synergy seeds when Fate Box or finish fighting monsters. This blessing is very useful when you are collecting synergy with six heroes. However, the condition is that you really have to hold back at the beginning so that one of your heroes gets this blessing.

In the new season of Magic Chess, there are many things that force you to adapt again. You see, there are many new additions from Moonton to this sub-game. From the presence of new heroes, new synergies, even the blessing effect that can strengthen Hero automatically. Everything you have to get to know first so you can easily push rank in this new season.

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